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Castaway Critters, the James A. Hueholt Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 1421
Harrisburg, PA 17105-1421

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(717) 831-5010

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Please Note! Castaway Critters does not accept owner surrendered pets, which is "re-homing" of a pet. Our mission is focused on "rescue" of strays,  abandoned animals and animals in high-kill shelters only. 

You may call us at:    717- 831- 5010 - Scroll and Read Instructions

Please leave a detailed and clear message and provide the following information:

  • Complete name
  • Complete address
  • Phone numbers and times to reach you
  • Required! Provide your address and location of the animal in need.
  • Reason for your call. Please be brief but specific.
  • If you are calling about an animal you adopted from us, please provide the original name and ID# for the animal if possible; this information is on your Adoption Agreement and leave us a message in Mail Box #3.
Please understand that most of our volunteers also work and have family and personal obligations. Due to the high volume of calls and emails received, please allow 2-3 days or longer for a response. 

You may email us at
The same reqirements apply as above. Please allow us time to respond.

If you are inquiring as to the availabilty of an animal, please see the email address of the Foster Caregiver on the Animal Record. 

Use Mail Box #1 : If you have questions about a specific animal that is not readily available on the Animal Record, or you have a GENERAL INQUIRY. If  an animal is showing on our web site, the animal is still available. If the animal is not showing on our web site the animal is on "HOLD" or "PENDING ADOPTION" or is  already "ADOPTED."   

Use Mail Box # 2: Operation CatNip for the City of Harrisburg or Greater Harrisburg area only, please call and leave message and your call will be returned. Limited funds are available for free -roaming and owned cats of low-income residents.
If you are assisting Free-Roaming Cats, please see information on The Nobody's Cats Foundation web site.

Use Mail Box #3: To leave information about a stray, injured or abandonded animal that may need assistance. You must provide complete information including the location of the animalUse this line to leave a message about returning a Castaway Critters animal. 

Important: Due to limited resources we are unable to accomodate all requests for animal assistance. A donation will be requested for strays and returned animals to assist with our veterinary costs.

Use Mail Box #4:
If you would like to donate to Castaway Critters. If  you would like to volunteer please complete an on-line Volunteer Application. 


Required is the completion of an online Adoption Application, reference checks (including veterinarian and personal references) and house check for those applying for a dog.



If you are writing to inquire if an animal is still available, please use the search box on the left -- choose "Animals and Successes" from the pulldown menu, type in animal name in the search box. The animal's webpage will load with all the specific information regarding if that animal is still available or has been adopted, as well as the foster's email address should you have questions.



Use the username and password received when you completed your online application. If you forgot, click the "Oops, I forgot my..." link. Click on the adoption application, click on edit.



If you are having trouble with a password, please type the password received exactly as it was sent (case sensitive). If you are having no luck, email and explain your problem.



Please see our information about Operation CatNIP on our web site for City of Harrisburg residents.

For additional information about Spay/Neuter clinics, please contact SNAP by visiting their web site at  or PAWS at


If you have stray cats that ARE NOT afraid of humans and wish to find them a home -- please note that we would ask that you foster the cat(s). If you can do this, please complete our online Foster Application and indicate as such within the application. We would ask that you consider making a  donation or assist with a fundraiser if able -- in order to help defray costs.

OR you can find a home for them yourself after having them spayed or neutered in order to not add to the population problem -- see Pet Resource Library and scroll down to PET PLACEMENT. 

If you have stray cats that ARE afraid of humans and wish to humanely address the issue by borrowing traps and fixing the cats at a spay/neuter clinic, please email for more information on resources in our area.
Please note that the Harrisburg Humane Society and the Lancaster Humane League both operate spay/neuter clinics for the public. Please visit their web sites.


 Our animals are periodically available for showings at various local adoption events. Currently we have cats showcased at PetValu in Lemoyne, PETCO in Harrisburg, the Blue Dog Pet Store in Lemoyne and The Cupboard Maker Book store in Enola. Please email us if you would like more information about our  adoption events. Our foster dogs and cats are in foster homes in six counties therefore we cannot guarantee any specific animal is at an event.


If you would like to volunteer with us, complete an online Volunteer Application.




If you must give up your pet cat or dog due to behaviorial issues, such as litterbox problems, biting, etc. please see our Pet Resource Library for solutions on these issues, including a list of professional behavior experts. Castaway Critters does NOT accept pet cats or dogs that are owned, our mission to assist those cats and dogs that have  no one.




If your question has not been answered, please email us at


P.O. Box 1421 •  Harrisburg, PA 17105 - 1421  •  (717) 831-5010 •  info [ at ]